Sunday, August 23, 2009


Now that I'm older I've developed a habit which I hate but which I can't seem to shake. I check the obituaries in the newspaper and look to see what people died of, especially people around my age. It bothers me when they don't give a cause of death.

Speaking of death, have you noticed that no sinners ever die? I can't recall a single funeral of a person with any faults. They are all double- dyed saints if you listen to the words spoken at their services. I suppose it all goes back to not speaking ill of the dead but I think this practice cheapens the funerals of genuinely good, useful people. That's one of the reasons I avoid funerals if I decently can and why I don't want one for myself. Someone just might get up there and tell the truth about me!

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  1. So is this the key to eternal life? Just become a sinner?