Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brain Dead....And Nasty Too

Southwest Airlines must scrape the bottom of the barrel when it comes to hiring employees.
A 350 pound man (who is well over six feet tall) and his wife flew to Vegas on Southwest. True, he's a big man but not overly so since he's so tall. Things were fine until it came time to return home. As they were about to board the plane an employee asked him if he would be able to use his seat with the armrests down. He assured the employee he could whereupon this idiot said
you're not flying on this plane and prevented him from boarding. They scrawled on his ticket that he was to get a refund and then just left it at that. When asked to explain why it was okay for him to fly TO Vegas but not fly back they had no reasonable explanation. He obviously fit into the seat going out. He deserves a public apology and recompense for the pain and humiliation he suffered. Is everybody paying attention? We all know there are other airlines out there and we should use them. I'd hitchhike to my destination before I'd give that airline a penny of my money. And, no, I certainly wouldn't have any trouble fitting into their seats.

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